Library-Cum-Reading Room

The school has a rich library and Gyanis have regular library periods to inculcate the Habit of reading in them. Every year a large number of books are being added to update our collection of books. For boys of senior classes, we maintain a suitable set of books to add to their knowledge in different fields. There are two qualified librarians to cater to the students.

Computer Lab

It also has a well developed computer laboratory for the pupils from Class V to Class XII. Internet facility is also available to the senior students. The computer Laboratory has been extended and now we have a separate computer laboratory for the the Senior Secondary Students.

Language Lab

School has a well developed Language lab. Language Lab is most advanced. One to One computer with voice interactive facility is available for each every students. Language Lab. is having latest infrastructure.

Parents Alarm Service

School has adopted Automatic School Management System. Report Card Generation, Attendance report, Library system have been made online and integrated With school website (www.gyanniketanschool.com) SMS facility has been started.
Now Vital information goes to students through SMS time to time.

Smart Class

Keeping latest development in the education field in mind, school has introduced smart class Facility. It will help the students to learn through interaction method.


The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics


A good combination of indoor as well as outdoor games in the school ensures a balanced development of the students. Sports tournaments are held from time to time. The students get regular opportunities for playing games which is a fixed and regular part of their time table.
A separate hall for indoor games like Table – Tennis, Chess, Carrom with all the needed facilities and a playground for different outdoor games ensures and sustains the participation of the students curriculum and is given much stress for their all round development.

Medical Facilities

A Doctor, with experience and qualification has been appointed as the Medical Officer visits the hostel regularly. Medical checkup of students is done and a record is maintained. Parents/Local guardians are informed if the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention. Well-equipped First-Aid box is available in the office round the clock and students sustaining minor injuries in course of training, sports or games are attended to immediately. One vehicle of the school remains on standby duty to face any emergency.


A whole time master tailor is employed for making school uniform. He/She also repairs clothes of the students.


The Chhatravas provides excellent hostel facilities for boarders at Vitthal Vihar Complex. Our hostel spread over a vast and open area in pollution free scenic surroundings. Lavish supply of fresh water from the pumping station of the school is maintained during all the hours of day and night. Heavy duty.

The Mess

Tasty and nutritious food with varying daily menu is served to the satisfaction of the students. On Sundays and holidays, and also on festive occasions. food demanded specially by the students is served. Every effort is made to keep the hostelers contented and healthy. Food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions by expert cooks. A very vetiable and experienced mess manager supervises the cooking and serving aspects. The best fresh vegetables of the season are purchased


Gyan Niketan has a canteen to provide substantial, nourishing and hygienically cooked food to day scholars as they have to remain in the school for a long period. Food items are supplied against coupons. Each coupon is valid for one week. The menu varies from week to week. Boys can place the order in advance after seeing the menu and take the coupon.


Bus facilities are available to Day-scholars only. This facility may not be withdrawn in between the session. Parents are requested to send their children bus-stop at least 10 minutes before in the morning and collect them from their same stoppage in the afternoon. The bus-stop of the respective route are fixed by the transport department.
Student availing bus facility are expected to continue for the whole session. If anyone needs the bus facility in between the session, he has to pay the entire fees for the whole session. No withdrawal from the bus facility in between the session. If so, the entire bus fee for the session will be charged.